Laptop Recommendations for A Portable Blender Workstation?

I would like to know what kind of laptops people on the forums would recommend. My current setup is a desktop computer which is what I use for Blender. While it is good, I want to have a portable workstation that can run Blender and do light rendering (serious renders like animations and full size renders will be done on desktop).
My price goal is to be below 1000 USD, but since I live in Australia, prices may creep a bit too high for some of the higher end of the budget.
Another thing I wanted was to have a decent battery life. Many gaming laptops (which likely would be the type of laptop I am looking for in terms of hardware and performamce) would only last a few hours which I would find a bit of a hassle as I want it to last a long time.
I saw that the Acer Nitro 7 could be a very good option to me, however it is unavailable to Australia unfortunately.
This brings me to ask this question here. What are your thoughts?

Anything with an RTX 2060 discreet Nvidia GPU is likely to take care of you, so something in a $1000-ish (US$) gaming laptop is probably a good solution.

In general laptops are the worst purchase decision problem because there are so many dimensions to consider (cost, speed, size, weight, battery, GPU, CPU, memory, storage type, storage size, screen res, ruggedness, theft and damage risk, etc., etc.). I recommend abandoning the battery life requirement and just assume you’ll never use it for more than a couple hours without finding a power outlet to plug it into.