[Laptop] What budget should i look for ?

Hello guys,

I am looking for a laptop to run blender, and substance painter quite smoothly
I am not looking do to any render on it, i just wanna be able to do some modeling without too much lags.

The reason behind this purchase is that i want to be able to pratice 3D during my free time at work (roughly 15mins a day).
I’ll do all the renders on my main PC at home.

I really need an SSD (because of the few minutes ive got, i cant waste some waiting for the pc to boot).
As for the GPU/CPU/RAM i dont know what to look for considering i wont do rendering.

I would really appreciate you guys advices on the components i need, or any link to laptops i could buy
My maximum budget is 800€


i have a gt 755m in my laptop and its pretty smooth most of the time. its just big scenes it lags. but most lag is blenders fault.

lenovo is the brand of mine and i like it. asus is also known for good gaming laptops.