Laptop Won't Boot. Please Help!!

Please help!!! Today my laptop mysteriously died. The machine itself is a $500 Gateway laptop I bought from Best Buy last September and it originally had Windoze Vista loaded on it. It is not connected to the Internet. It currently has Linux Mint 5 (from last year), and I have not installed any Ubuntu updates.

Linux Mint 5 has served me well, except for one weird bug: it messes up the screen if you leave the machine unattended (without moving the mouse) for too long, and it also does it if you have the Screensaver enabled. This hasn’t been a problem for me because I’ve found workarounds to the problem, and thankfully, I have all my data saved to an external HDD.

The problem occurred as thus today: I turned on my laptop when I came home from work. I put down the lid and ate supper with my family (I still live at home), and then I came back to it. Everything loaded in fine, and then I turned on Evince to read the last ‘Animorphs’ PDF file. All was going well, until…the screen inexplicably messed up 30 minutes later. I reset the machine with no problem, and went to where I left off.

30 minutes later…same thing. I reset it again, and somehow it messed up when it got to the Mint loading screen. I turned it off and downloaded the new Linux Mint. I came back to install the OS on the machine, and when I’ve pressed the ‘On’ button…nothing. I just have a black screen. The main HDD doesn’t read and the Gateway boot screen won’t come on either.

I honestly don’t know what to do. I’ve never had a problem like this before. Thankfully I have my main computer running Windoze XP for when school starts next week, but I like working on my homework best with my lapptop. :frowning: I will be very grateful if you can give me any explanation for this problem…I may have to take this into Best Buy tomorrow and see what they can do because I love my machine.

Accepting any helpful explanations for a very serious problems.
Thank You,

^that is a basic laptop-won’t-boot guide
i’ve never had this happen
and it seems there are a bunch of instances of this stuff with gateway laptops :confused: