Hi. I have been working on a model of a laptop for the last few weeks. Im now done with a rough model of it. It miss the symbols on the keyboard and a lot of little details like sockets and those things.

Anyway, here it is:

Fell free to cement, please (oh, eh, im kinda noob to this, its only my second render, so dont be too hard to me) :slight_smile:

Only your second render? Seriously?:eek::smiley:
That’s some very good modelling, the keys are particularly well done:D
It’s definitely better than the first time I tried to model my computer, but maybe you should have some icons on the desktop?
Anyway, well done:)
How long have you been using Blender?

I’m not getting pictures.

im also not getting pictures!

Thank you animatinator :D. Yes its only my second “real” render, but i have known Blender for about a year i guess. And the thing about the desktop; the one showing in the picture is just temporary. When im done with it, I will find out what should be on the screen. If anyone has a suggestion on that, fell very free to tell me :slight_smile:

And to you, BlackBoe and track wrecka (and probaly others), sorry for the disappearing image. Its the host i have used for the image which have deleted the file. Please someone, tell me a good file/image host were i can upload my pictures i post here. The one i have used clearely isn’t very good at all :frowning: or

Thank you rm5248, i will use from now on :). And as you can see, the image is now visuabel :slight_smile:

Hey, not bad. Sleek. /:] Needs a broad, dull specular in a couple places, though, like the finger pad.

What the HELL is a Laprop??? Anyway, nice modeling.

I’ve never seen a Laprop before.

Sorry guys, I meant laptop, not a laprop ;). But i cant correct it now when i have posted…

cant correct it now when i have posted…

If you click the ‘edit’ button under your first post, you can change the title of the thread as well

Hey, you right animatinator :stuck_out_tongue: