I am considering to buy a laptop and due to budget limitations (not more than 1000$) have to be choosy and have zeroed onto a amd x2 with nvidia, 1 gb ram, vista etc.
What I want to know is how is the x2 in performance compared to core2duo processors. Any other help regarding the make would also be appreciated.
Thanx in advance.

My dad got a really nice Dell buisness line Vostro 1500
15.4 screen core 2 duo 1.8ghz 80gb hddrive 2gb ram for about $500 dollars!
it has a magnesium frame, which makes it very sturdy, and it weighs a resonable 8 pounds.
if i was to buy a laptop i would definalty go for the Dell buisness line.
but of course it’s up to you, that’s just my opinion.

thanx for the tip. btw does blender run well on it? And how do u compare performance specs for core2duo and amd?

Depends on what you need your blender for - get the most memory as possible - mine keeps on crashing.

what r u r laptop specs? I will be needing it for all heavy duty blender work.

Basically if your running Blender you’d want all the RAM and fastest processor you can get.
Also when my dad got the laptop, he got the optional Windows XP which is nice, because it’ll run faster on XP than Vista.
I wouldn’t get Vista if i where you, partly because of how much resources uses (they reccomend 1GB) and also there has been compatbility issues with some programs.

Also i don’t know if this helps, but here is an older post about computers.
Hope it’s a help!

If you are getting vista make sure that you have everything that it needs to run properly. And for vista… I recommend looking into 2 GB of ram.

If it has an nvidia chipset I’m guessing blender will work well on it. However, I can’t say for sure as far as laptops are concerned, and I don’t know what Vista does to blender. (I wouldn’t recommend vista for anything.)

I have Vista…my blender is working okay…not the greatest…but okay…personally I am thinking about dumping Vista and MicroSuck all together and going with Linux for this machine…Next machine will most definetely be a MAC!!!