Laptops are frustrating

They expensive, unreasonably expensive, phone for ~250$ can easily fullspeed emulate different 3D games, show nice graphics and overall experience smooth and fancy (in theory it even can even nicely run 3D software, but there’s no drivers which would make that possible), while laptop for same price struggles, just struggles to do anything, I’m quiet about emulating games - it’s not just bad, it’s sad to watch. I paid 300… ehem, 270$ and all i get is “thing to barely run office software”. Even native games can barely run, and I’m quiet about not just rendering, but even working in graphical related software just hard.
Damn, laptop with at least descent hardware costs ~650$ (and it’s same hardware for PC, which considered as budged level). And those laptops loud, hot and heavy

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Material for frame, keyboard, large display, large battery just costs.
Even regular larger tablets are significantly worse than similarly priced smartphones.

PC is recommendable, I don’t like Laptop.