laptops with muscle

can a good laptop run games smoothly like halo, crysis and even the larger in size games in BGE What is a good video card to get that will take advantage of GLSL in BGE for a laptop?


sure, if you don’t care about having more than 30 min. max battery life.
also depends on what settings you’re happy with.

if you’re wondering about a specific card, just google it, you’ll find plenty of information.
do avoid intel graphics, for sure.

You can go to the local electronics/computer store and enquire about this. I am a big fan of laptops (at times you do need to pick it up and just head off, whereas a box PC is not that friendly). Where we live, there is plenty of competition, and staff are quite helpful, especially if you head off at early hours of the weekend. After gathering your information, and demo-trialling a dozen laptops, you can shop around for the best bargain for money.

as long as you don’t mind huge prices and heat when compared to their desktop equivalents…

eventually even cellphones will run Crysis, only a matter of time.

Look into a laptop with the i7 intel chip. Most of them are built with a good graphics card from what I have seen. I have one. It’s pretty nice.

Finally got my computer back (graphics card was bad) it works great now with a newer generation card
Only problem is i can’t get on the net something probably with the new drivers and hardware, causing problems Besides Alienware laptops are there
laptops that suport GLSL and do they have some speed or is the framerate slow? Not sure if i want to spend $1200.00 on Alienware laptopand that is with an i3 processor cost more for better processors


I’m looking into laptops with an nvidia 330M or 335M card w/ optimus technology. nvidia optimus allows the computer to turn the card off on the fly when it isn’t needed, giving you hours of more battery life! Only certain notebooks have it equipped though.

yeah but does anyone here who has a laptop and runs blender game engine able to use GLSL?


I have a dell laptop that’s a few years old that runs GLSL. I wasn’t even aware it was an issue. It’s a 2.2 GHz core 2. I forgot which graphics card I have in there, but I know it’s nVidia.

EDIT: if the question is can a laptp run graphics-intensive games well, that’s silly. Of course they can. It all depends on what kind of hardware they have. My father usses a “luggable” for work that has an 8-core processor and 16 gigs of ram.

You can’t go wrong with nVidia 8800’s

My laptop runs glsl. And it is only a 500$ acer notebook. My graphics card ia an ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card.

what about the fps I Have you tried that bathroom demo? When i run that bathroom blend it goes about 23 FPS
If you can run that on ur acer at a faster FPS i buying one If you are interested in trying that bathroom demo and let me know