laptops with numpad

well ive founda laptop that has a numpad… but not to sure if its worth the price that they are asking for it…

does any 1 know any laptops that havea numpad??

answer(laptop) = laptop + this

hhmm… i kinda think thats gona look and feel very weird…

So what if it looks/feels weird?
Trust me, THAT is better than constantly enabling and disabling numlock when working with Blender.

Fn + NumLk //enable Numlock; just holding Fn doesn't seem to work
 "7" //switch to top view
Fn + NumLk //disable numlock

All of that just to switch to top view… It’s annoying.
Ah well, guess I’ll turn on the “emulate numpad” option :smiley:

no, i mean laptops have the num pad integrated into them, thats what i was looking at and if you lookclosely on that links image you can see it has a FULL keyboard

I was talking about the external numpad.
I don’t think such a keyboard on a lapotop is THAT weird, though.
However, it’s not advised to use Blender on a laptop if you oftenly model complex models (like 5,000,000 verts, 6,000 materials, 30 lamps…).
I usually use an external keyboard for Blender when I’m on a laptop.

That’s what I have. It’s a desktop replacement, so it has lots of power, and it was a very reasonable price. HP Pavillion zd8000. Got it customized from the HP website.


Or sacrifice the layer keys and use the buttons. “emulate numpad” anyone?

lolz, i dont feel like sacrafasing anything, plus i very often use layers, all my junk is made using them