Hello Guys.
This is my first work that I post here, I hope you like and any critique is welcome.
I’ve created a interior scene based on 60’s/70’s decoration

The picture of the camera is an image of a serie of illustrations that i did last year, the illustrations are on my behance:

Thank’s :slight_smile:

looks good except for the bubbles floating around, i figure they are supposed to be dust motes but they are far too large.

Totally true! I need to improve this effect.

Thank you for the feedback.

The light is very well done!

Thank’s Twitch84!

Small Troll, I made some changes on the particles, but now looks like fireflies :), I will try this effect more in the future

lol oh dear, I presume fireflies were not the look you were going for? perhaps a subtle atmospheric ray as well, would sell them as dust specs

Yeah, i’m far away from simulate this effect, I will see more references and try it in another opportunity.
Thank’s again".