Large Damaged Spaceship - WIP

Hello, everyone. I’ve been working on this project for the past few weeks, and have sort of reached a kind of a writer’s block in the modeling area.

I will later add a large hole somewhere in the middle of the ship (the area with fewer details) so that the viewer will have something to look at. I’m going for a gritty sci-fi look with harsh details and not many smooth surfaces. And overall, I want a strong emphasis on the scale of the scene.

As a source of inspiration, I’m looking at George Hull’s artwork from

Certainly, I’m nowhere near finishing this, but here is my progress so far:

Here’s what the scene looked like when I first posted about it:

I also made a 10-second animation with mat cap.

Constructive criticism is strongly appreciated.


I am seeing nice detail and evidence of good “hard surface” modelling. Obviously wireframes would tell me more about the modelling, but it looks good to my eye. I would also like to see an overall image to get the scale and where this section fits in. I have been criticised in the past for repeating detail, but I have to say that on projects like this, repeated detail is a very important part of the model. Do you have any plans for any animation, or rigging, I like to see “mechanical” models rigged and moving! Like doors opening, guns swivelling, etc.

Keep up the good work, I shall watch with interest.

Cheers, Clock.

Thank you, clockmender! I’ll certainly follow your advice. About the topology, I haven’t done a wireframe render. But due to the heavy use of the BoolTool, it’s probably not going to look very clean. I’ve actually made a 10-second animation, which is just the movement of the camera and the gun.

Here it is:

Unfortunately, it had to be rendered with the OpenGL render feature, due to long render times (3 hours per frame).

Is it a whole spaceship or a piece of spaceship?

It’s just a piece of a spaceship.

This is just practice for making a whole spaceship?

3 Hours per frame??? How many samples, if it’s Cycles? How many vertices - you may need to look at your modelling techniques to cut down the vertex count. The BoolTool generates millions of vertices at times, I prefer to “block” build from basic shapes, using Island (Key I on selected polygons), and Loop Cuts (CTRL+R) all in Edit mode of course. Grills and things like that are best done with image textures feeding a mix of Transparent and Diffuse/Glossy shaders to get many holes in one polygon without and added vertices.

See Post #55 on this thread!/page3 for how it works - the whole grill is just one four sided polygon using a Black/White image to feed a Transparent node into the material.

You should be looking to do much more with textures rather than huge amounts of topology, that keep render times really low for high res images.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Clock.

Yes, for that specific render, it took me 3 hours (Cycles). But that is mostly due to the fact that it was originally rendered at a 4k resolution. I’ve reduced the poly count from 9 million pointless polygons to about 5 million. Which is still pretty high, so I decided to redo the wing from scratch, since it had a crazy poly-count and I didn’t like the overall shape of it.

So, I’m currently working on a new wing, but I’m just going to post a render taken from another angle before any modifications were done.

Well, not really. Because main focus for this scene won’t be the ship itself, but a large hole on the surface of the ship, which I’m planning to add later.

Sorry for taking a while. I’ve been working on a few things. But regarding the project, I have finished the new wing model, and am currently unwrapping some of the objects for texturing.

Here’s what the scene currently looks like:

Most of the objects have been UV unwrapped, and therefore, are ready for texturing. Though before I begin to texture them, I want to first establish the color scheme