Large face decimations hang blender on Ubuntu Linux...

Well, I have noticed that a scene I am working on, small planar decimations happen at about the same speed as in windows, with larger objects 50,000-100,000 faces it seems a little slower in linux than windows, 100,000-400,000 faces it is most definately slower and on what may be the most prominent object in my scene, with 1.9 million faces, it appears to have made blender hang. That particular decimation has been running now for over 30 minutes. On windows, this would likely take about 2-3 minutes most (i’ve also dont bigger ones, up to 8 million faces, on windows).

Can anyone using linux confirm this?

I’m using 2.68.5 svn blender. Is this a known bug by chance?

Ok well after further testing it seems a specific piece of geometry is more likely to blame, although I’m still none the wiser why. When trying to planar decimate this, blender crashes. The object has 1.9 million faces.

This happens in the most recent SVN version of blender (for linux) as well as the standard 2.68a version. Note: I also managed to decimate another object in the scene which was 1.1 million faces, in a couple of seconds, so its not just “taking longer”, its actually crashing blender so it just sits there, using 100% of a core forever.

Please see attached file:

All I need to do is planar decimate this, but it fails. If anyone can identify why, and how to overcome this, I would be most appreciative!