Large files and memory management question.

Hi, I am fairly new to Blender and I have a mechanical drawing that is getting quite complicated and the file size is getting quite large ( 1.2 Gb ). Is there a way to manage very large and complicated drawings that would manage memory better than the way I am currently doing it which is have all of the items in the drawing in one blend file. I model on a Mac and from time to time my machine goes into “beachball mode” which is indicative of a shortage of memory. Thanks for any help.


is this a CAD file ?
try to simplify your objects with less verts may be !

try to split you file in smaller parts

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This is a blender file. If I split it is there a way to see all of the split parts from one file. If so how would you do that. Thanks.

may be some one with a Mac should help
i’m on win and never had any mem problems

you could use proxy objects may be !

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There isn’t a real limit as to how large a .blend file can get, the issue may be more in the way of your machine not having enough RAM or being memory-limited due to the OS being 32bit (so it goes into swap and slows down a bit).

You can always make the scene out of multiple .blend files (link the objects in using the append operator and distribute them among multiple layers).