Large grass field


I am trying to create a soccer field, and is about to texture the field. The camera is not close to the field, so i will only be using a texture, and not creating some real grass.

It is no problem to create the white lines, but i really can’t find the right grass texture. Are there anybody there has a tutorial about making grass in the gimp, og maybe someone who has a good grass texture?

Found this one:

First of all. thank you for answering. The brush is really cool, but i won’t really work for my grass, because the camera will be so far away, that you can’t see each grass straw (i think thats the right word)

yo guys, have a look outside. a park near you has plenty of grass, i’m sure. grab your digial or analogue camera, take some pictures from above and voila - custom, perfect textures. you might also discover some other valuable things to photograph :slight_smile: . maybe some of you even have one of those megapixel-mobiles, so keep your eyes open when you leave the room.

No kidding. Since I started playing with Blender a few months back, I catch myself checking out real textures and materials all the time no matter where I go. If only I had my camera all those times…