Large Hedron Collider gets hacked

Well, all i can say is that its a good thing some nice hackers did it!

Good that they showed them how weak their security is, i was a bit worried there for a second thinking that the LHC had been damaged somehow by some radical group.

You cant have one of the most important to mankind, $6 billion dollar machines ruined by a bad IT team. :no:

a) Large Hadron Collider
b) I thought it cost about 3 billion?
c) I don’t think they really had access to the control system. I do only find information about people hacking a website of the LHC…

Sounds like the computer system was hacked,

bah, they only hacked a public data server, nothing severe or specially relevant

As long as we have dedicated people like the esteemed hackers who hacked onto the haldron collider’s server, there is yet hope for the survival of mankind into the next millenium.

Does the haldron collider offer webhost services ?

they should’ve posted some vague and cool message like the “Code Red” worm which had the, what became later a meme, “Hacked by Chinese” message

If I were those guys I wouldn’t have told the whole world, including those of bad crackers (not hackers) until they got it all fixed…

I agree. Probably now, every jerk and script kiddy is trying to see if they can do it too.

If they were dragons I would smite them with my sword.:spin:

No doubt they’ll end up in jail…lol

Other sources say they came close to turning off parts of the system. How innocent is this prank? Now every two-bit hacker on the planet is going to take potshots at the CERN network.

Bla bla bla. Just make sure you follow , as I’ve added a sidebar with an RSS feed about our beloved worlds status.


You could be right!

Quoted from Wiki

The total cost of the project is expected to be 3.2–6.4 billion

Haha, that was a good one… I like the page the NO links to. Just in case it needed reinforcing.

Well, now if anything should go wrong with any of their experiments, they have their excuse as to the reason.


Scientists working at Cern, the organisation that runs the vast smasher, were worried about what the hackers could do because they were “one step away” from the computer control system of one of the huge detectors of the machine, a vast magnet that weighs 12,500 tons, measuring around 21 metres in length and 15 metres wide/high.

If they had hacked into a second computer network, they could have turned off parts of the vast detector and, said the insider, “it is hard enough to make these things work if no one is messing with it.”

Check YOUR sources.

Not the best metaphor either. It would be more like hacking into the Blender servers and messing with Blenders source code. But it would have to be the only version of Blender in the world, and worth millions of dollars and years worth or research with a chance of revolutionizing physics and science as we know it. Bit different…

COME ON that’s completely exaggerated, just to get more press focus, the only machine that was “hacked” was just one of the many public data servers the cern have. in the worst case, the hackers could reach the DMZ, but nothing more. the engineers at the cern would be a pile of incompetent assholes if they connected the controls to internet.

The CMS website displayed a page with a mocking message, in Greek, which included the line: “We are 2600 - don’t mess with us”. It was not a malicious hack and it was quickly detected… but this sort of thing keeps you on your toes

  	                 			                      			                     	James Gillies, Cern

  	                      			                    [<b>The LHC's computing firepower</b>](
  		         				 				 			     			 	     As a result of the attack, the CMS webpage, can no longer be viewed. 

Cern spokesman James Gillies told the BBC that the compromised computer was not connected to the accelerator itself.
“The computer is used to monitor one of the experiments at the LHC, it’s nothing to do with the LHC accelerator itself or any of the control systems,” he said.

Straight from the BBC website.

In exactly all cases it has been put through a Blender.


When all is said and done, remember that this will not necessarily work. It is all based on a scientific theory.

When all is said and done, remember that the this will not necessarily work. It is all based on a scientific theory.

And what precisely is that supposed to mean?