Large Landscape

Wan’t to create a large landscape with a large river in it, high mountains
and a gletsjer…as a flythrough.

but what is the best way to do this,…

  1. make a large texture with all the river(s) and mountains painted in it
    and than use noise on the texture to create some
    hills/mountains and then stretch it in blender to a large map. Problem
    is that the camera is to quick at the end of the map
  2. or is there another way, so I won’t get to the edge of the landscape?!

hope this is enough information

Thnx for the reading/help :smiley:


For mountains

Go to scripts

and get Blender World Forge

for rivers… we’re working at it :wink:



saw your tutorial as well, very usefull :D,…
but I wanna run the script but it gives a error

“Python script error - check console”

dunno what it is,…


Check console means, look at the true error message on the ‘other’ Blender window, the text-only one which blender opend behind.

If you have read the doc you know that:

1 - you need full Python install (2.2, no others!)

2 - CGkit

Addresses to download these in the doc :slight_smile:


mmmhhh,…Installed all the nescesarry programs from the doc (using windows), and even put the *.pyd in the Blender dir,
and then hit alt+p but still get the message and a
nice red line over de words

“import noise” <-- put the noise.pyd in the dir as said in the doc…





I check


I got the exact same error :wink:

Eeuuh,…anyone got a answer on this “error” from python?!

Thnx already

I don’t have an answer for your error, but there are other ways to go about it. If you want, I will put up a landscape mesh for you. just tell me what kind of terrain you want. mountains? You may have to do some of the details yourself, but I put up a thread on how to get the colors in the right place if you want to try it.
<edit> also, if you want to work with a bigger mesh than one I could put up for you, get terragen, and either get a convertor, or use the python plugin ‘ter2blend’ to get it into Blender. Just remember, once there, select all vertices in edit mode, and hit ‘flip normals’.

Well making a small landscape is not the problem. I always make
my own texture/height map and use noise on it in Blender,…
but It has to be a real big map, so that the camera doesn’t reach
the end of it,…I would like to use ter2blend but python doesn’t work :slight_smile:


I’ll put up a mesh for you.


thumbs up!


I may have decimated this a bit too much, sorry. :expressionless:
>edit>removed to conserve bandwidth sorry!

That looks nice, but a bit small maybe I should scale it more…
did you made a heightmap/texture or just used a cloud as


I made it in terragen, exported it, converted it to DXF in ‘accutrans’, and decimated it. If you subsurface it a couple of times, and maybe do some surgery on it with the knife tool, it should be fine once it has a tex and a bump map.

Hey cool, can you explain your method a bit more specific?!?!
first you create a terrain in Terragen and then…!!!..


…then when you make your surface map in terragen you choose ‘export’ ( as Light Wave Object ) and it saves it to that format. Then you convert it to DXF with accutrans, and load it into Blender. You still have to flip normals btw

Okay got that, but when I open it in Blender, Blender get stuck…
files are between 10/20mb,…changed the size to some smaller
terrain but still Blender doesn’t do anything…


Hm, maybe try converting it to quads in accutrans before exporting it to DXF

How big are the files of your *.DXF’s,…and what size
did you use in Terragen?