large mesh cut off

hi, i wonder if anyone can help.
i am trying to make a terain file but when i put the terain mesh in, after a certain point it appears cut off and goes out of view. this also happens after i have rendered the scene.
does anyone know how i can stop this from happening?
thanks very much.

camera clipping for rendering viewport clipping for the realtime view port.

to change camera clipping select camera in object mode and check the buttons window.

for viewport clipping check the viewport settings trough the menu in the viewport header.

hope the quick post helps at least a little.

I like to make my Camera Clipping point over 500 for large scenes.

Be adviced though that with large meshes and scenes (in terms of Blender Units) you’ll see both render artifacts and problems with selections, 3d cursor etc. due to precision problems with the underlying floats.

Better scale your models down to a 10th at least of their original form.


Camera clipping is a PITA, every model I work on, always at 1m to 1BU, I have to whack clipping right up, in each 3D view I create and the bloody camera as well. The day it’s not switched on by default and we can get some better precision, selection and far greater latitude will not be a day too soon.

…Well, maybe it should be a “global” setting, yellow so that you can set it once for the scene… but it’s not like you can switch this off. All 3d software has a near and far clip plane, and they always affect the precision of the drawing of your model…

Some software tries to set these dynamically based on bounding boxes or whatever, but if they do they pretty much always offer a manual override or suffer lots of abuse from the userbase


Well I’ve tried switching it off in the past, tried setting it off or high value as my global default but to no avail, it’s there I think for the very limitation jesterKing mentions. The under lying lack of precision. But sure if someone can point me at the global switch off or a ‘per scene setting’ then point me at it I’ll shut …

The viewport precision will depend on the strength of your graphics card. For low end cards, if you set the lowest clip value higher, it will let you increase the maximum clip value. If you do far away shots, set both higher up.

The render shouldn’t have precision problems.

It would be nice if Blender had a way to automatically adjust the clipping as you worked. So when doing close-ups modelling, it set both max and min clipping values low and far away, it set them high.

This could be determined by measuring the nearest vertex to the viewport centre.

For rendering, I set every render to use 0.1->1000 range unless it’s for a depth buffer. This could actually be set by Blender automatically too by measuring the furthest vertex from the camera.