Large model saved, collapses when re-loaded

Assume a brick building started on the southwest corner and built up from there, brick by brick and wherever possible by arrays of bricks. While building the model, 5 version saves were made. After a break, one returns to continue modeling only to find all the bricks collapsed and overlayed over the original cornerstone.

Why do all the objects collapse over the original mesh after I re-load to work on the project?

I’ve built it twice now and even put Insert/LocRot after selecting everything.

It is quite possible that that there is some “animation” saved in your file as well.
Maybe try to key the ultimate desired array values of the last picture and save your scene then.
Hope it helps and you’ll find your work as wish at reopening it.

I tried scrubbing to check for animation keyframes. Found none, but decided to select everything then add a Loc/Rot keyframe. Saved that, then got out of Blender 2.48a. Started Blender back up and loaded the most recent. There they are all piled up at the point of origin of the cornerstone brick.

I was thinking about this while driving to work this morning. The cornerstone is actually a duplicate of the original brick. I layed the original on the side so I can dup and use it at any time. That original brick stays just where it has for the last three sessions. There are many other basic arrangements of the original brick layed out on the plain for duplicating and use. They don’t move either.

There may be a hidden animation keyframe out there, as I have used them to show how the basic elements where put together. So I will check on that this evening.

Or just some default thing for these array transforms… don’t know these well enough yet.
Happy you got it together!