Large Monster Thing

Hi All,

I should really finish certain works before I start more, but this one I already had on the go from a while back. I thought I’d push to finish him as I am trying to update my reel with a few new things and he is a character of my own design (which I need more of). That and is the call for fantasy type creatures in the next BlenderArt magazine. Seeing as I want to finish my reel before the deadline for the magazine, I should actually make it in this time…

Feel free to make feedback comments, but he’s only in the WIP section for now so I’m not after any specific help just yet. The muscle sculpt is in fairly early stages, ie feet and face I havent even touched yet, forearms need work, etc etc. I will texture him as well, not sure if I’ll rig him before or after the magazine/reel, but I do intend to rig him at some stage. Maybe after the Peach team fixes crazy space.

misc info - about 1 million poly (subd 4) but subd 3 looks ok, disp map is 2048x and EXR format.

Anyway, progress renders. - a link to a bit of concept art for the head, the full body concept art I havent scanned yet.


firstly, nice model! and secondly…a name…how about a kind of name you would find on a fantasy game like guild wars or somthing…i beleive if you look there is a great site on naming things like this.

I think you should give it a tail or something. The humaniod rear end seems out of place amongst the alien muscle formations, and the bony protrusions on the fron of the legs. As for a name, try if you can’t think of any.

I like the head-tail, I’m not sure two tails would work though. I might be able to give him some armour or cloth or something as I have been using a human anatomy book for reference thus far. The leg bone things match ones on his forearms. They seem to work well in the concept art (not up yet) and in my head… maybe the texturing will help.

Thanks for the comments and also for that name generator! I hate coming up with names for characters, its the part of the creative process I just struggle with the most for whatever reason. Although I was toying with the idea naming him something ironic like Bruce that just doesn’t fit the monster persona at all, just for laughs. My last alien was named Steve, but he was far more cartoony.

Small update - I’ve made some changes to the sculpting. still more work to do. I’ve made a start on a 6K texture (full body) using photos of mainly rhinos and elephants from - I’d post it but it’s still very very patchy.


Got a basic bump map in place now, needs more variation, wrinkles in the right places, etc.


Something about the abs and the lat area looks odd to me. Doesn’t seem to flow nicely. Looks a little splotchy and blocky in areas.

The rest is nice. Great bump map too.