Large Scale Animation Strategies and Methods?

Really simple two questions here.

For large scale animation projects (more then just the same objects in one scene) how do people get rid of objects out of the scene.

For example: if you have a character early on and then he leaves, is it normal to just leave the character off screen? Is there a keyframable visible or active property? Is there a way to remove it at a certain keyframe from the scene? Do you just move it to a unused layer (un-visible also)? What is a good way to handle this.

For even larger projects (Orange etc) how do they organize scenes etc? Do people generally have multiple blend files? Or multiple scenes shareing the same object data? Do they render lots of seperate scenes and composit them in some video editing program (if so any good open source ones beside Cinelerra?)

Just some general questions. So many tutorials available for how to rig / and walk cycle and stuff like that, but if I wanted to create a short film… there isn’t a lot on what to do when you start having long scenes and different objects appearing in them etc.

If there is information about this type of stuff in any of the books or on the web and I havn’t found it, please point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

I can’t do better than sundialcvs4 here:


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Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks, this helps out a bit!