Large Starship Project


I have not engaged in a Blender project for some time but I would like to present the following project. I’m really big into space sci-fi alla Star Wars and I have always wanted to make my own space drama. For now, I’m starting with modeling a large spacecraft. This eventually will become a very polished and highly detailed model with lots of greeble (greeblie? greebly?) especially in the (presently) rather bland mid-section. My plan is to develop this model further as a semi-low poly model, save that, and then develop all of the details. I’ll have an ultra-detailed (and likely very high-poly) model for close-ups and then I’d like to bake the details into the low poly model for distant shots. I have no idea if this will work, but we’ll see. Below are some shots of the low poly model:

Any comments or criticisms are welcome. Thanks!

Your idea to make a low poly model and then make a high poly model and bake it to the low poly with lots of detail has been done very frequently, and it works well too, sometimes even for close ups. Its a nice model, keep up the good work;)

I have a soft spot for spaceship art.

Nice start, I look forward to the updates.

You have some triangular surfaces on the ship. There is nothing wrong with that
it’s just that it can be annoying to detail on them. If you can stand it you might
want to make it more boxy and get rid of the triangle surfaces.

You probably know about this site but if by chance you don’t
well then either way have a look.

Hello all! Thanks for all of your ideas!
To fpsgod17: I’m glad that my plan is at least theoretically plausible. I’ve heard of baking before but have never done it yet. I got the idea of doing it with my starship from a tutorial on Blender cookie:

To ronnkie: Thanks! I hope to bring forth good work!

To JDA: I noticed those triangles myself when I rendered it. I’ll keep trying to remove them but I like the shape of the ship presently. I actually was not aware of that site. Thanks for introducing it to me!

Updates are forthcoming!


Hello again!
I have gotten some work done on the high-poly version of the mesh. Here are some pictures:

There’s not much to report yet. The main section of the hull now has a sort of armor plating and I’ve got some very raw greebly (greeble? greeblie?) on the top of the ship. At this point I am going to start modelling independent pieces of greebly (whatever!) to be added to the mesh afterwards. (see next post).

Here is one piece I’ve modeled. It’s a laser turret:

Some of the details will certainly be weapons like the one above.

Please keep the comments coming. Thanks!


I really like the start you have made! I think this could really be a cool vessel.

The only criticism I would have a this point is with the “armor plating” that you have in this latest addition. It is much too large for a ship that is supposed to be huge. The larger the ship, the smaller the detailing needs to be. The size of those plates makes the ship look fairly small to medium sized because if that ship was truly humongous, each of those individual plates would also be incredibly large.

Thanks Mike! Hmm . . . I guess I didn’t think about that. I will work on that. Thanks!


I share MikeJ’s view on the plates, it helps define the sense of scale. However, you can add plate detail in the texture process that will make the currently modelled plates just fine as they are.