Large 'tanker' spaceship for MMORPG

I attempted blender a year ago or so but got nowhere and eventually lost interest. Two weeks ago or so i decided to really put my mind to it becasue a friend of mine is making a space style mmorpg (called ‘Eden’) and im am really interested and can get involved through graphics design.

This is a ship i have been working on for a couple of days so far and is really the first ‘proper’ model i have produced. I sya ‘propper’ becasue its not the first .blend i’ve ever started but one i’ve put abit of care in and intend to finsish.
The back has thrusters but im touching up on a viewing deck ‘type thing’ at the moment so will update with back view asap. And when it comes to texturing etc. I will have to take a few more tutorials i guess.

So CC’s would be appretiated, with the understanding i’m a bit of a noob.

Link is here
(let me know if you have problems viewing)

I’d advise you to check out the video found on this link, if you are interesting in the game being made. We’ll have an official website within a few weeks.

Cheers for taking a look,

Awesome start! I have been doing ships for a while now and I can say you have a very nice one coming along here.

I see you have some small details in there. I would recommend not working on these until you finish the larger shapes (I don’t know if you are done with that or not) This method usually is faster and yields better results. I usually work like this:

  • Large basic shapes
  • Pocket and docking ports
  • Large panels
  • Windows
  • Small panels
  • fine detail (greeble, nurnies)

For texturing I would recommend either making material groups from different mesh faces, or UV mapping the “Large simple shapes” from above (and doing separate maps/materials for the smaller stuff).

If it’s for a game you probably want to keep the poly count down and add detail using UV maps.

Well… that’s my two cents (…or three).


I like it so far. Pretty good i must say and thnx for that explanation Kevin on your method.
Could you just turn on AO so we can see it better.

Thanks alot for your feedback. And i’m glad you like what you are seeing.
I inteaded to work a bit like that, but i think of a new part and srt of get carried away and go ahead and model it. Its probally not the best way of working, but i guess i will learn from mistakes. And eventually work to a better proceedure.

Well the game isnt actaully a 3D game so i dont have to worry about the poly count. I am simply going to get one top down view, which will rotate around 360 degrees when turning in the game. Seems crazy to design it in 3D i guess but it works well, and there will be some good art work also. 2D games are pretty out dated so i guess hopefully peopel seeing thier ships in 3D will help them to picture it.

I’ll get an update with higher AO when i have a little more work done.

i am making an mmorpg too…maybe i could be of some help here, if you need any help just ask! i will be waiting.

great stuff. I wish it wasn’t 2D :frowning: but still Its great. inspired by EvE online?

Heres a little update. Higher AO so you can see a little more, and ive a material to the windows to make them emit light, so it is easier to see what im trying to do.
Also a control tower in the middle.
Hope youlike,

Pretty cool :slight_smile: just need a hull texture and hmm yeah thats pretty much it. Will check your website when its ready :slight_smile:

o.o looked at some more of the site, this is very impressive stuff. I still wish you could do 3D and have a vast universe to explore :frowning: I’m still gonna play this when it comes out though o.o

Another update, a little more modelling done and the textures added. Could be alot nicer but im happy with it as my first attempt at texturing. May do a little more work but i’ll let you know. Suggestions would be great.

Your game reminds me of Subspace Continuum, something which I think is very similar to what you are making.

I like the ship too, it looks nice and heavy. One question though, is it a civilian ship or warship? Because the name ‘tanker’ really puts me off as it could mean you’re building a big slow heavily armored ship or it could be a civilian tanker designed to transport fluids.

the ship itself looks really nice, the game that the guy is developing looks a bit…uhhhh…nevermind.
the ship though looks really nice (as i already said) but yes, turn more AO on! :slight_smile:

Sanddrew: Thanks alot. The ‘tanker’ thing is a little missleading sorry. But it isbasically a transport ship. You could say its a ‘Space ferry’. People will be able to fly in tothe docking bay and then get transported around sectors and so on. Not currently sure wheather itsonly goignto be an npc, in which case it will just be a ferry. But if it becomes availale to players then, the possibilities of its uses are ENDLESS!
We have recently become aware of continuum. It is quitesimilar i belive although Eden will been more rpg based. And aims to be far bigger, with a less arcade style.

Iliketosayblah: See what you think when you’ve playedthe first version i guess. Itsvery difficult to tell from what you mayhaveseen so far. But i guess some people dont like space games…
Yeh im still experimenting with lighting etc. Thanksfor the advice.

guess some people dont like space games…

i love space games, its just the whole concept of 2d…but anyway, i am more concenrating on the ships which is cool!

i also know the effort that you two are putting into making it, because i am making an mmo space game aswell…it is very complicated making one, isnt it! :slight_smile:

Ah ok. Well we are contemplating making it isometric, whcih will hopefully makeit look a little nicer and 3D. And obviously the background (stars planetsetc) moves dependant to the distance it should be from the view, so i think there is a very different feel in game, than from the screenshots.
Do you have a site for your game or something i could see?
Hopefully there will be realise soon so you can all check it out. Early next year at the latest.
Well i dont do any programing, but i fullyunderstand the time and effort put in yes.

Anyway thanks again,

well, the website is just being made as we speak, i should be able to show you somthing soon :wink:

anyway, back to the tanker, what is that big “hole” at the front? a hangar of some sort?

I cant quite identify escactly which part you are trying to identify but i think you are talking about the docking bay at the very front. There is also gun holders (without guns at the moment) at each side at the front.
Have now added a few more textures, bump and spec maps. AO is now alot higher,now i think about it it was really dark and hard to view before, so now its a little better.

ahh, looks very nice now, i wish i could texture like that…sigh