Large video files crash compositor

Hi y’all,
I’m trying to import a 3.9GB QuickTime file (ProRes422HQ) into the compositor for some keying. But when I import the file, Blender crashes. The VSE can import the video with no problems. (I’ve got 32GB RAM and set Blender to use 20GB.)
Sure I can import the video into the VSE, select the part I want to key, render out as file sequence; and then re-import into the Compositor - do the key - and render out again. But that’s not efficient.
Any ideas?
The irony is, I then need to re-import the keyed clip as texture for a mesh… isn’t there a way to take a compositor output straight in as an texture input without having to render out? A program like Nuke can do that.
Muchas gracias,

PS: Using Blender 2.69

The only way to take the output into a texture is to have it render to an image sequence then add that sequence as a texture but then you’d need to have that texture in a different scene I guess to avoid a loop. It would be a nice feature to have it output to a texture or simply have a keying node in the texture nodes.

With regards to your crashing I know that Quicktime is not a good bedfellow with Blender.


The movie clip node is a better input node than the image node set to movie. You can generate a timecode file for its proxy sidecar too. I have always had crashing issues with the image input node otherwise. Sadly the frame offset values are scene wide and only available in the movie clip editor window.