large world

(Klein) #1

I have made an XXL world in blender.But now the game performance is very low.
Are there possibilities to increase game performance on large worlds?

(Pooba) #2

Seperate the huge world into seperate scenes. Then when you get to another part it switches to another scene (zelda does this in a way).


(saluk) #3

Yeah, zelda does it by switching scenes. Rather cheesy:)

Soldierdown tried to do this a good way - calculating distance to object and only making objects when you get close, but my programing skills broke it:)

This is one of the main reasons I’m working on the level editor, large worlds will be what I want it to support. Changing view distance on the fly or something like that.

Here’s some things you may be able to do now:
If you have a lot of objects, like a bunch of trees and things that the player doesn’t need to interact with, combine them all into ONE object. The “decorations” object. Just select a bunch of them at a time, and press ctrl-j to join the meshes together. You have no IDEA how much of a performance boost this will give you.

If you are using a lot of armatures, DONT. If you want your game to run, I’d suggest using armatures for the main character only, and on nothing else. Use ipo animations or replace mesh anims if possible.

(muteinvert) #4

the easy way to do it is to separate the world in different parts. then make a small trail leading from one oart to another. when the character reaches the start of a trail, make a cinematic of him walking toward the other part, fade away, then switch the scene(like in Azurik)