Larger house of mirrors

I am trying to create a larger size house of mirrors at a scale of like those biggest maze in the world, something like a million rooms all mirrors, like a size of a AAA game, okay when i reach 1024 rooms then double that blender duplicates not as fast, but when i duplicate from 2048 rooms to 4096 rooms waiting and waiting does it, but duplicate from 4096 to 8192 rooms i got up to long time duplicate, if i could next16,000 32,000. 64,000 128,000 256,000 512,000 1,024,000 rooms, if i could duplicate 7 more times would make a awesome house of mirrors, i thinking i may not have enough disk space, i was trying to also make each room 10 sides each side 1 x 3m high, i decided to not save, if i had 4TB ssd Blender would be better.

Are you struggling just from poly count or from light calculations? You might want to look into particle systems but idk if they would do the job.

Well i had success so far, i have made it to 16,384 rooms, for a biggest house of mirrors 380 meters by 440 meters, 128 x 128 rooms, i dont think ill push it anymore it took about 8 minutes to duplicate 8,192 rooms, even it i make it to over million rooms that would take me 3 years to create the amount of doors, to go from room to room, some 6 sided room is anywhere from one 2 way door up to 3 two doors, the only thing is to make operational doors, to open and close, something to do with constants, then learn how to create real looking entities Ghost to apear at random in the mirrors, well a sixteen thousand room mirror maze, it would take a very very long time. :thinking: :+1:

@Amicus1 Guess what, i done it, i went above and beyond i can make it to a million grid maze without any problems, but at the moment i am up to 135,000 grids equivilent to 970m x 460m i could get to 2 million grids to craft a maze from, i use to do alot of them when i was young using graph paper, now i got Blender now.