Larry Bird

After doing that BSoD tutorial about character modeling, rigging, and animation I got inspired and wanted to do my own little character. My girlfriend suggested I do her little chicken cartoon buddy Larry Bird (not the basketball legend :p). We finished his head tonight, and we’ll start the body soon!

questions, comments and critiques are welcome :smiley:


Looks like a great toon to me! Can’t wait to see the rest of the body and then the animation!

I like it sofar, particularly the crisp clean curves. And I was also expecting the basketball player :slight_smile:

Here’s another update, with a body and some quick materials applied. If anyone has some suggestions for a good texture for feathers, beaks, or chicken legs, I’m all ears!


Hahahahah this is getting better and better, it looks SO funny man!

I made a walkcycle and posted it on youtube for you guys to check it out. Next up, shapekeys!


Something about the connection between legs-body look weird in the walk cycle…dunno what it might be tough. The rest is just great!