Larry the little snail!

Hi everyone! :smiley:
I began a little snail whose name is Larry for an animation I’ll make this Summer! :slight_smile:
Larry is a little snail who is fond of cabbage, that’s make him crazy!
But how will he react when he’ll discover that George the slug is eating his Lunch!? :evilgrin:
That’s the theme of my animation! :smiley:

So I began my little Larry!

At the beginning he was like that:

But now I think he is better! ;):

Here is the rigging (with the old shell of Larry)

I hope It’ll be OK for my animation! :slight_smile:
That’s the first serious animation I’m going to do, I’m using Ik Soler Constraint.
Personalized shapes control the other bones.
I made him a viscous effect and I added glow.
I’ll begin the animation this Summer…

I’m looking forward to your comments! :smiley:

These are just opinions so take with salt.
I like him he’s cute.

I like your first skin texture better than the 2nd but I like the shell much more in the second pic. I don’t like the band aid looking thingy above his mouth. And I think the shell needs to curl a bit upward right before it touches his body, it looks a little “perched” on his back like it might fall off!

Ohhhh . . . I just want to pick Larry up and give him a cuddle . . . he’s prone to some outbursts of affection isn’t he ?

slimy hugs

mmmmmmmmm…I want to hold him, put him and his friends in a stewpot and make snail appetizers with him