Larry the Lover: Advice for Women (cartoon)

Based on my reactions to a email I got. The email was one woman giving her girl friends some advice about men. This is my reaction spoken through the mouth of the overweight lover!

Hope you enjoy, it is a bit vulgar so remove the children from the room and enjoy.

Larry the Lover: Advice for Women
Flash, 450kb
Click Here to Watch

It’s been a while since you’ve made one of these. I guess Orange got you a little distracted from your old calling.

Larry the Lover freaking rocks, man! And this was one of his best appearances yet.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go explain to my 10-year-old nephew what genitals are.

I was laughing out loud “Ass cheaks” hahaha


WhiteBoy- excellent, glad you liked it! i really enjoy the orange animations, actually have another one coming this week, but i really enjoy the cartoons too, even though they are more work, thanks for the post!

Strongbad- haha, thats good to hear. thanks for the post.

hahaha ! thats some good stuff mate :smiley:


“Ohhhhh… budda bing!”


Hahaha, it’s good to see that you are back - and Larry too :D. Yeah!

By the way… what ARE genitals? :wink:

:smiley: :smiley:
i’ll keep in mind…

… aaaaaaaaahm …

love is in the air!


Dwarfose- thanks! these are tons of fun to write and animate so i’m glad people like watching!

BgDM- thanks man!

thoro- glad to be back! haha, hopfully i can put together some good stuff for the christmas holiday! thanks!

TiZeta- haha, dont listen to larry/me we are just bitter because we dont have a woman right now, cant figure out why, haha.

tedi- somthing is in the air, but i dont think it is love :smiley: