Las Vegas, Road journey scene.

just something im working on. dont know what to put in the background :s any ideas?


Added more to it, to be honest i dont know im going to texture this well :S still an beginner when it comes to texturing.


Looking good so far. If you’re a beginner when it comes to texturing, I think you should texture this. The models in this scene aren’t all that complicated, so it would be a perfect texturing practice piece. :slight_smile:

Easier said than done :L haha

changed the sign shape and tried to texture some stuff, im finding it pretty hard :L


nice work… and I also do not like texturing lol…

thats ok, im really struggling to get my head round texturing(pretty new to blender), what do you not like about it? :slight_smile:

Ok this is what i have done lately, the garage i found extremely difficult to texture, so it does look slightly strange and you “real” blender artists will notice it, but im learning so any tips or tuts that you know that could help, please do :slight_smile: thanks


nice work…
try to put some dust, and change the horizont color to red, near orange, just a suggestion :wink:

thanks for you input andreola, i like all your ideas, but one problem, how would i do dust? :S

Coming together quite nicely, i think the texturing on the rocks is good and i quite like the poster hanging off the board…

particle system for dust maybe?

that is what i was thinking, but i dont know how i would go about it? any ideas?

eeerm :expressionless: quickly had a go, im new also sooo, yer…insert a plane and rotate it along the y axis 90 degrees…then go into the particle tab and add a new particle system. change the amount from 1000 to 200 and the lifetime to 500. Next, change the “emit from” value to volume and in the render panel change from render halo to path…in field weights, set gravity to 0 or a low value and finnally asign it a texture and set the hardness down to 35 and specularity 0. I got this result playing around…

[edit] chaning from halo to path has no visual difference

I’ll do what you have done and just muck around a bit with it. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

peter18, i seem not to be able to get the same result as you? my plane just stays the same?

oh did you do alt + a to animate?

AH, that would make sense :L

tried the dust thing, i just need to muck about with at to get it perfect i think. and i added another sign.


Yay, i managed to help someone :smiley: and the new sign looks great

Cool, your texturing is coming along nicely. The dust, as well as the new sign are a nice touch.
The image kinda reminds me of Fallout :slight_smile: