Las Vegas

Roulette table. Reference picture found somewhere on internet. Postpro made with Gimp.


Wow Nice work man!
Really nice texturing and lighting!
maybe just the shadow in the background is a bit too hard.

the shadow in the background is too dark, becouse at the beginning I thougt to put Las Vegas logo or something there. But I tried and it was not good :slight_smile:

Looks that the handle is bigger than the table. The light reflecting it is to high and i dont see a sun in any casino in the world ? Change the camera view and you can get a space for a name too. Now the camera view it is to warped and not centered and look like if it was a photograph it was made by a hobbys. Try to get some books of fine art about composition.

It will help.

Nice modelling and texturing, but the glare is a little to long. The dark side of the table should get more light.

looks amazing :smiley:

Viva las vegas [email protected]