Laser beams in my freaking eyeballs

Tomorrow afternoon, I go under the laser to fix poor eyesight that has plagued me since I was 8 or 9 years old, so I can continue to pursue my almost completed goal of taking a very active part in, um, US national security. There’s a very small risk of complications, especially if you don’t take care of yourself very well (not a problem for me.) Anyway, I’m not really sure how long I’ll be away - hopefully only the weekend.

On the off chance that I never see again, it has been a pleasure seeing all of your artwork, from the most rank novice who cannot find the OSA button to the acknowledged masters (or mastas) around here.

Hope I see you all soon.

good luck harkyman! i hope the operation is succesful. so succesful that your eyes become so powerful that… well it’d be cool if you had those eye powers you were talking about in your poll.

well, i prefer the term ‘l337’ :wink: kidding of course! i’d never feel comfortable without calling myself a newbie.

anyway, make sure you post an update on your super vision asap

Well… I had a friend who’s been very happy with his surgery. Had lunch with him after a class. He had them done one at a time, and at that time, he only had one done so far. It was so funny… he was covering the not-yet-corrected eye, and saying, “I can see!!” It was like a kid in a candy store.

I’m 24, and my eyes are 20/15… so I’ve never had a problem with glasses, or poor vision… but from those I’ve known who’ve had the surgery, it’s well worth it.

Good luck.


Ok… whoever voted for the last option, that’s not possible even with God-like vision… being better able to see a woman makes you no better able to understand her.



goodluck dude!

Try not to think of the scene in Goldfinger when Goldfinger sets the laser gun onto Mr Bond.

Best of luck.


Don’t worry harkyman!!!

Operations such as this are standard routine!!!

I think, everything will go o.k.

BTW. Just in case you’ll be able to see when your wife is angry before she tells you, after the surgery… please introduce me to your doctor!!!

I might need him to… :smiley:


Every mans dream :-?

Thanks everyone. Things went great yesterday.

Today, I can see like I’ve got my contacts in (i.e. perfectly), and I’m in no pain. Woo hoo!

Congrats man!!! So How do you like the xray vision? :smiley:

Happy that it went well! I’ll probably have the same thing done in a few years (too much blendering can do that). Did they give you drugs to you could stay calm while they sliced the top of your eye off? And what happens if you move your eye during surgery???

I don’t think that would be a good thing

Congrats! Since you’re just out of surgery, you probably haven’t had opportunity to test it yet… but can you see your wife is angry any sooner? :stuck_out_tongue:


She’s been being really nice to me (not like she always isn’t - hi hon!), since I’ve been so poor and pittyful today.

Glad to hear it came out all good for you. My hat is off to you for doing it, I’ve considered looking into it but have a thing about lazer beams in the eyes. Freaks me out. I’m not afraid of much but the idea of someone messing with my eys bothers me.
On another note: when you get to be my age you can tell when a woman is getting mad sometimes even before they know it and I’m nearsighted.
Ah the beauty of experience.

lol good luck harkyman! maybe you get laser beam capabilites =D or xray vision, or maybe youll ennd up with your eyes backwards so u can see your brain, that would be sweet

let us know how it goes 8)