Laser blaster 5000X

The "Laser blaster 5000X - for the seriouse future man.
The idea was to create a cartoon gun with a very realistic feel to it.

I like it a lot! Great Job

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Nice one!
It looks a bit like my wife’s hair dryer. So perhaps it is more a toy for the future dangerous woman… :slight_smile:

Very nice! It really looks like it can shoot! :smiley:

Funny concept… and a clever idea making the blueprint. Modeling/texturing is well done.

for your wife :slight_smile:

fk the universe power setting lol sounds overpowering great render :slight_smile:

Great job!! real nice!! :yes:
How did you do the blue prints could you mabey tell me or direct me to an explanation.

the blueprint were made with wire render, orthographic render and some Photoshop work :slight_smile:
just render an image from each view on a transparent background and take it to Photoshop.
Google for a blueprint background, or create one yourself.

in Blender 2.7 you have a really nice wire modifier, check it out!
other then that - nothing special really…

Very funny! Though I would add a security lock for the “Fuck the universe” option. My wife would have destroyed our galaxy at least 3 times already :smiley:

Great render, very realistic

nice concept.very photorealistic render.can you share the white plastic material.

Beautiful loks amazing! Keep rendering!

Amazing job. The blueprint is pretty cool.

The white plastic is very easy to create.
just a mix of diffuse and glossy (80% diffuse).
make the diffuse color white (or an image texture) (for the base color)
and the glossy light blue (for the blue reflections), and roughness of 0.01.
the rest is done with good lighting and an HDRI environment image

thanks for the mat.cycles produces very photorealistic results with hdr and studio setup.

no doubt about it!
I love cycles!

i feel like an alchemist when i Concocting materials :slight_smile:

Really nicely done!

[email protected] the settings

That’s fantastic! Great job