Laser Scanning to Model - simplifying - filling - Model Creation

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First of all sorry for the length of this, I promise future messages won’t be this long (the question is in the final paragraph if you don’t need the background).

So I am very new to Blender, I will be on here a lot from now on, sorry. I am already slowly working through youtube tutorials but really after some specific advice on tools to concentrate on given the following…

I have recently been getting to play with a trimble 3d scanner, which gives 3d point clouds. I process this through Trimble Realworks, which has a variety of export functions from mesh (.obj) to more binary or asci types (.asc or .las) and others. At the moment I have only managed to bring in an .obj file into blender, where even the smaller laser scan meshes are producing vertices; 1.5million and triangles; 3.5million. I have not yet managed to work out how to import a laser scan point cloud.

My goal is to effectively bring in a reduced mesh or point cloud that I can then use to create a fairly accurate model in Blender. To keep my first one simple I have an exported a mesh (until I work out an alternative option) of a section of concrete ground, there are areas with large holes and way to many vertices. My first action is to “clean-decimate” the geometry, then try to fill the holes (which I am not doing very well with) and then finally create a new mesh/solid/surface over my existing mesh….I can’t work out how to do this final one and that leads me finally into my question; how would you do these three things; 1) simplify the geometry while maintaining some detail 2) fill holes in a mesh 3) use the mesh to generate a model of it in blender?

Hi, you can try this tutorial :

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Ohhh this is a very nice video tutorial, thank you for the link!!!