Lasers in blender?

How do you make a laser in blender?

Depends on what effect you are looking for - I would suggest searching the forum for ‘lightsaber tutorial’ and see the different methods utilized there. Mainly the easy method uses halos with a string of verts, a highly subdivided edge.

There’s a tutorial in, but i’m not sure if that is exactly what you want.
It’s “cuting through steel”

Lightsaber and lasers are doable through nodes.

How do you make a laser with nodes?

The same way that eyes are glowing in this thread. See post for an example blend. In case of a laser I’d use a cylinder as the base and give it an emitting material. Then I’d parent the lamp to the cylinder and duplivert it across the cylinder to actually make the mesh emit light. Tweak the sphere setting, the distance and the energy level of the lamp until it looks good. The rest is the same as in the example.
Another way is to use halo material but I find the above solution gives you more control and is faster to tweak.

You could use halos, though I don’t know how well this effect works out with lasers. There’s a good tut on youtube showing how to use halos for a lightsaber. Hopes this helps.