Lasso, box select and circle select select random points


been away from Blender a month or so and just today was modeling something in 2.74, and noticed that using box, circle or lasso selection on dense meshes will select random verts in addition to those I selected in edit mode.

I don’t remember setting any options in UI, but seems like “Limit selection to Visible” icon next to vertex, edge and face selection will cause this, yet I think I’ve kept in on always as I don’t like the way wireframe shows thru mesh.

So my question is, is there something going on with my settings or might this be bug? My modeling hours with Blender is so limited, that I can’t be sure of this behavior.

I also tried enabling and disabling CUDA and OpenGL settings in User Preferences / System tab.

Thanks in advance!

In your graphics card control panel disable anti aliasing

I forgot to check that one, used to have similar problems with Silo too. Usually I keep AA of in GeForce settings but seems like I’ve changed AA settings or it has been reset after driver updates. Anyway - thank you very much!