Lasso select in UV Editor? 2.63

Has the feature to lasso select using ctrl-Lmb in the UV editor been “removed” from 2.63 or has it got another hotkey assigned to it?
Because i cant find it.(I’ve made the jump from 2.49)

Current builds have Ctrl+LMB for lasso select in the image editor window so you’ll have to get one from or (currently site looks to be down)

This is not working for me(nothing happens) But but the lasso select feature works just fine on the 3d model, but not in UV editor.

Edit: might it be a bug? Im running blender 2.63a(zipped version) on a Vista 32bit

Edit2: I mean 2.63, not 2.36.

Edit3: So with “Current”, do you mean that the unofficial versions after 2.63a has got this feature back?

Yes, it’s in trunk - so builds from graphicall/buildbot will have it, but it won’t be in an official release until 2.64.