Lasso tool problems, help!

Just started learning Blender. I know I’ll be obsessively using the Lasso tool… and I can’t quite get it down.

Ctrl-LMB-drag, right? It seems like every third time I try it, it works. The other two times, it’ll either make a new point or bring up a menu. Argh!

(I’m not changing from Edit mode or anything, as far as I know; it’ll eventually work if I keep trying sucessively.)

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, guys. :o

Everything goes well, here.
Try with your other CTRL, maybe your keyboard is a little old.
Atention, is not so much like CTRL+CLICK+DRAG, but CTRL+crickdrag. If you hold your mouse down, even with CTRL, you get the menu.
You can go to “preferences” window, and in the first button “View & Controls” you have “Toolbox click-hold delay” and you can increase the time.