Last Android Standing: a sci-fi sidescroller

It’s the year 286423495019388(give or take a few months,) and the humans have been all but eradicated. The only non-man-made robot, Vera, has deemed them too dangerous and unpredictable to be allowed to exist. Robots around the world joined her in a devastating war (yeah right) and the few humans that remain must constantly run from her elite team of human-hunting robots.

Now our hero, an android named “Andy” (just kidding, I haven’t thought of a good one yet.) is just graduating from the “Robot school” (What?) His school is suddenly attacked by an army of malfunctioning robots. He and his classmates fend them off, but he is injured by a giant renegade robot. When one of Vera’s human hunting teams show up and take down the giant robot, they discover a startling truth. He’s bleeding, and robot’s don’t bleed. Identified as a human hiding in a robotic suit (He had no clue.(WHAT? How does that work?!)), they chase the poor guy down. Now, you must escape and eventually defeat the powerful Human hunting teams, and defeat the twisted Vera, restoring peace between the humans and their creations.

I want to include features similar to the following:
-Mega Man’s fast paced platforming and combat
-Legend of Zelda’s integral ability progression, and civillian interaction
-Metroid’s free exploration and seamless environment

So far I am using a system I named “Dynamix!” (probably a taken name) to control the player, a functional but not optimal camera system, and a mouse-point system that as of yet only works in orthographic view. Hopefully this problem can be fixed. So, now I think I’ll post some screenshot’s of a test-level, as well as a basic baddy and combat shots.

Just standing there…
Basic shot, and basic baddy.
CHARGIN’ MAH LAZAHS!!! of course, later on I want to have much more impresive visuals.

Ah… That story is certainly… Something else. I, too, don’t understand how a human can ‘be’ an android and not know, or why a robot would need to go to school…? LOL Still, it’s good that you have an idea. The game seems interesting - keep updating and changing it.

Thanks Solar, I’ll be the first to admit it’s a rediculous story, but thanks for support, and speaking of updates…

Time for an update!

I’ve revised the camera system, there’s still a few minor bugs, but it’s much better than it was. I fixed the mouse-aim system, now 3d view is supported. (Thank goodness!) I also tweaked my Dynamix! control system, as well as the arm system. The arms are quite glitchy, but they work. Now, here is the best part! Sorta… I’ve finally gotten around to figuring out screencasting, so I have a video displaying some of the basic gameplay features I’ve worked out.

Yeah, I’m not too happy with the quality of the screencst, but I’m still trying to work it out. Any advice is certainly welcome

Nice quality game.
There are some really good original features, the arms are certainly interesting.
I like the side scrolling/ corridor switching style of gameplay. works well.

Virtualdub is a pretty good screen capturing program - there’s a lot of options, which can be confusing, but it’s pretty good. You can also dump screenshots - if you order them sequentially, I believe you can load them as a ‘video’, so to speak. That combined with Blender’s Sequence editor is a great combo.

Rise and shine, it’s Update time!!!

Sorry it took so long, but I was in the middle of moving (AM in the middle of moving) and I didn’t have internet access. But now that I’m alive again, it’s time to post some progress!

First up, I’ve got some screenies:
The Hero:
The other screenshots didn’t get enough detail to satisfy me, so I’ve provided this one to show him in detail.

Basic enemy, they “float” towards the hero at a steady pace, just getting in the way really. Not much of a threat, since their only hazard is their own body, and they only take three shots to kill.

A not-so-basic enemy, they fly along in a little zig-zagging patten, firing bursts of three.
They’re not very deadly either, but they can cause quite a bit of trouble for you if you don’t take them out quickly.

And now some videos! :smiley:

First up, I have a Health Pick-up here. Simple design, simple animation, but I like-em all right.

There is a small pickup and a large one, each granting health porportionate to their size.

Finally, I have a short video demonstrating the combat mechanics.

There’s a “few” (meaning lots) glitches, but overall it works pretty swell.

Whaddya think?

I like the hero character - he looks pretty cool. His walking cycle’s a bit off, but otherwise, it’s good. The game looks pretty cool - I like the old-school side-scrolling game type. The power-up seems to fall kind of slow, though that could be the screencasting software. In any case, good job - keep it up.

Okey-dokey, now I’ve got a basic Heads Up Display working. This one took me a while; I had some issues with IPO’s and Parenting; but now it works like a charm!

As you can see, the green bar is the health bar, the blue bar is the weapons bar, and the green letters are the life counter. For now, dying only resets the action scene, and running out of lives only resets the HUD scene. In the future, I intend to have checkpoints to retry from, as well as a Game Over screen.

So my next goal is working on Hit FX and the like, as well as upgrading the shot and beam weapons to look more interesting. Know of any good animated electricity images? (Preferably with Alpha stenciling; not sure how to say what I mean there.)

@ SolarLune: I see what you mean about the power-ups: I fixed that, but now I need to work on keeping them from falling through the floor, which happens about 45% of the time. :confused: Also, is it the timing of the walk cycle that’s bugging you? Or is it the motions? I can’t see the problem myself, but I’d like to fix it.

If your power-ups are dropping through the ground and you’re using Bullet for your physics, try increasing the physics timestep and using a larger physics collision object.

Also, power-ups are spawned too often in the video above.

About the walk cycle, he drags his trailing leg too much, I think, almost as if his back leg is a tentacle (that’s the best example I can think of).

However, it’s looking like an interesting Blender game - keep up the good work.

Update time!

There’s quite a bit I’ve added to the game in the past week: I’ve got some hit effects up and running, as well as a fully functional text-dump system. That last one took me quite a while; had to read up on python file operations.

The animated textures I used for the hit effects are proceedural textures, animated with an IPO, rendered, and UV mapped onto a surface. If anyone’s interested, I’ll post them as a free resource; although they’re not hard to duplicate. So here’s the video:

This is just the message screen, the first working test.

And this one shows the hit effects I described, as well as testing the message screen’s interactions with the game screen. You see, the Game screen uses the LMB to fire, while the Message screen uses the LMB input to determine which message to display. It took some work to keep the variables from getting skewed while playing.

In the near future, I plan on developing more enemies, refining my text-dump system, and get a working demo up for you guys to check out.

@SolarluneI haven’t taken the time to address all the issues you pointed out, but I did adjust the frequency of powerups. Thanks for the support and advice!

Wow that looks awesome can you crouch?

Haha everyones doing side scrollers these days. Haha looks good though

Haha, thanks guys!
@ Jovan: Nope, I haven’t added complex motions into the character as of this exact moment. In the future, though, I intend to include such aspects as crouching, rolling/sliding (haven’t decided between the two yet), wall jumping, ladder interaction, cliff hanging, etc. The first demo probably won’t include any of these, I’ve first got to re-address the way I’ve approached his arm animation.

@CsotoFX: It’s true, but I didn’t get very inspired by my limited attempt at a FPS, and my Zelda project was much too ambitions for a solo effort. So, I was playing megaman a while back and decided to take my own crack at it. BTW, Gearbox looks awesome, I love puzzle platformers like that; there aren’t enough of 'em out there.

Okay cool game looks to be progressing greatly atm.

Ahhhh the good old days of megaman haha thankyou btw yeah I hadn’t seen any at all on blender so that’s where gearbox came from. But yeah your game looks great