last animation practice for 2017

this will be my last animation practice for 2017in the new year i have some ideas to improve my skills
so the first thing its better armature rig for my characters especially on the foot
2) better understanding spacing,
3)posing its very important!
can you guys tell me some good animation books exept the animators Survival Kit?
and some books for posing the human body in a different position

Hey drgci,
I’m noticing some progress on this one from your other shots. Good stuff. Its still feeling stiff and stop motion like. I think you have some understanding of what you need to improve though so keep at it. Here is a great website for animation resources.
Also, I can’t recommend enough CG Cookie’s Animation Boot Camp.
Give a serious go at it, absorb the critiques you get and I know your animation skills are going to level up!