Last Attempt

Hi guys, here is my new finished artwork and like to know any suggestions and critiques on it . done with blender 2.79 . texture are from poliigon.
for lighting i have used sun(key), area (fill) and point (for book)
hope you like it
thank you


I suggest that you apply the Histogram tool to your image, and let me now predict what you will see …

There will be “an enormous spike” on the white side, showing that the book is completely blown-out. The rest of the curve (after falling-off quickly from the stuff on the bulletin board next to “ArtStation,” will be mostly-flat except for a smaller peak defining the “opaque black” near the floorboards.

I cordially suggest that you spend a few days reading about the “zone system” that was promoted by the famous (film …) photographer, Ansel Adams. He condensed into easy “Zone-X” language many important principles about images, and I suggest that, after seriously reading a few of these discussions, you now go back and try to classify your own image into “zones.”

Although the technology has changed very considerably, the underlying concepts about the resulting image have not.