Last 'Bot Stand - Short Sci-Fi Movie Project

Hi there folks!

This is one of the projects which I’ve been working on from start of January. and I’ve pretty much completed the quarter of the movie. And I’m going to be releasing a trailer as soon as I’ve done the good bits of the movie. Somewhat of the story will be included in the trailer. I’m currently looking for sound effects which would fit the scenes in the trailer. The image of the starting scene is shown below. I would of made this post earlier but did not expect for this project to go this far.

The main reason why the character in this scene is not textured is because throughout the movie, he will acquire it. I recently discovered the Ivy setting and thought it would be rather cool to include it in the scene. This is my first short movie and I’m doing my best to make it seem like it isn’t.

The expected release for the trailer will be sometime in mid-February or maybe sooner than that. But yeah, Check the picture out and some feedback would be greatly appreciated. :eyebrowlift:

Realistically I think the non slip steel floor texture on the walls would be smaller in scale.

This is the trailer for a short movie i’m working on. It is my first project that I’ve managed to keep working on and still am. These are just two clips from the whole thing. It will be around 2 minutes long. Every scene that I make, I learn something new and add it to make it look as good as possible. Everything has been modeled by me but textures acquired from Google search.

What do you guys think so far? :slight_smile: