Last Breath

This image was produced to enter the competition “Saying Goodbye” from BlenderGuru.
Comments are welcome.

love it so much !!

Nice graphic, clear composition.

My only comment is that the flames are a bit unrealistic. Other than that it is great! The melting looks amazing and the concept is great!

The shot is very simple but very interesting, I like the idea. The wax could use just a smidge of SSS to give it just a little more a waxy feeling. But over all really well done.

Thank you all for your comments.
Already have a subtle SSS. :wink:

Very nice rendering.
Maybe you change the flames a bit. I think they are too bright.

That’s a great idea for a shot. What I’d do, though, is to put some detail into the bowl-shaped depressions at the top of each candle. Don’t let the entire area go white, because it basically turns into over-exposure. The treatment that you now have in the bowl of the littlest candle is the one that you basically need to achieve for all of them. And I don’t think that you’ll be able to do that without a hefty bit of compositing. (And in any case, I’d love to see a breakdown of how you achieved what you did, because this is an exceptionally challenging shot.)

Sundialsvc4 thank you for the comments.
Do you want to see Wires and Node Setup?

It’s beautiful.
I’d love to see Wires and Nodes. The one candle on the far left that has light shining through it is particularly excellent looking.

Thanks for commenting Sonofwitz.

Here are the solid, wire and node images:

pretty straightforward for such a great look. thanks for sharing.