Last Call for 2.4 series External Scripts "Toolkits"

well, talk about last minute!
This is it folks.

Time to haul in & front up all your 2.4 series scripts.
Bring 'em on!
I am about to release every script I have.
All 250+ of the working scripts I have collected since Blender 2.3.
:wink: & a few from before & quite a few never seen before.

So, what do you have that I may not?

Import/Export scripts for a start.
Do you use a custom import/export script in your usual workflow?
If so, let me know very quick.
(I have many of the scripts but testing is impossible if I do not own the programs.)
(Unreal Engine, Crysis Engine, Panda, others.)

Also anything else you may think of, there’s so many scripts & soon they will all need to be ported to the new Blender api.
So the more Algorithms working with Blender 2.49, the better!

Also, .blend file dependent scripts such as
Old Make Human script / New City Scripts
are quite welcome.
(as examples, i have the oldest, but the newest?)
Scripts you have updated or modified just for your self, share them. please.

:smiley: more news soon,
please participate.

would you happen to have the script from Bourke in austrelia

to make Torus of all kind

very flexible and powerfull

i still have the script but may there is a need to contact bourke to get GNU license
not certain about it

but i know that one of bourke program was used to do the dome in blender game engine

anyway let me know if you have this one

what about external program to make shapes then import into blender as obj file
is there any consideration for theses?


did you see this list of old scripts in France at zoo blender

some might be usefull!

ok found there at zoo blender

some interstin gscript like
the one for pierre bourke for torus

also another stairs script

and also some celtics knots scripts

night be fun to have if not included yet

also this is another list

Have fun


I offer up my Blendgraph and Meshfoot scripts. They are in the BLEND files.

city engine 0.411t :
endless devel but stable.
thre’s one external module, shutil (python252), packed in the city engine directory (bin/ so no python install needed but conflicts perhaps, in some occasion :-/
ok with 2.49, waiting for the big 2.50 rewriting :slight_smile:

RickyBlender, thanks, I know that site.

Atom, cool, thanks very much, I had your Blendgraph script listed,
I did not know the MeshFoot script. great job as usual.

littleneo, thanks very much, your work is very cool.

Other recent thanks.
Stani for his ar library permissions.
Rabanti for the great Asteroid belt script.

cya soon.

Meta-Androcto, I have recently finished a few scripts that may come in handy, dealing with vertex groups- you can find them here- they are ready to just save as .py files

Batch Delete Vertex Groups

mirror vertex groups

Batch Cut Vertex groups