Last Cycles render of the year

This was my last Cycles render for 2012. It’s a shot from a short animation sequence I’m working on. All materials are fully procedural shaders I’m developing myself, and not a single photo texture is being used at the moment though.

Full procedural materials are very handy and flexible and they can look really gorgeous, but they are terrible performers, so I might not use them in my final animation, since render times are way off the charts for such a simple scene.

Wow! very good work I must say. I love the tile on the floor and the base board of the floor. Great attention to detail. Nice scene.

Wow, looking good! Are these OSL shaders?

Nice. that’s all i can say…

Excellent dynamic image you’ve got going there. I feel like a slight motion blur would add to the effect, but it’s very good how it is.

Thanks for your feedback, guys. :slight_smile:

@maximilianjohn: No, it’s all standard nodes. I’ll post node setups for my shaders once I finally nail down the scene.

@Jake Shadow: There is motion blur already in the render, but you are quite right, a more noticeable motion blur would benefit the image.