Last Day of Christmas Sale - Blaze Add-on

It’s Christmas time
and Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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Version 1.1 Release Post About Add-on is here -
Super Hot Add-on “Blaze” Version 1.1 is Released !!!

Blaze Add-on Creates Cinematic Fire Shader in Blender. If you are Struggling, Tweaking Material Again and Again to Achieve a Good Looking Fire You are at Right Place Save Your Time and With Better Results

Whether Making Nuclear Explosions, Sci-Fi Blasts or a Campfire Scene anything you can easily do it by hitting Just One Button.

There are 13 Different Color Presets to Achieve Wilder and Superpower Fires, with Great Depth in Colors.

This is the Most Efficient and Pleasing FX Shader Add-on which will speed -up your work without worrying about the look as it is SUPER HOT!

This Add-on Also works with Latest Release of Blender 2.81 i.e Official Release of Blender 2.81

I have Released Version 1.1 For the Blaze Add-on and with this Update, This Shader Becomes More Awesome, You will Get Some Improvements in the Shader Like You will have a New Preset which will Help You to Create More Detailed Flames and this will Add a Lot More to the Realism.

and Another Improvement is Smoke, So You Can Control the Thickness of Smoke and Much More things with this Update and Many More Improvements are Done.
So those Who Have Already Purchased this Add-on have Got the Update For Free and Those Purchasing Now will Get Updated Version.

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