Last day of internet!

No, you don’t have to worry - Internet will still be here for everyone tomorrow - except for me :frowning: I had to cut back on some expenses during summer since I haven’t got a job yet, and unfortunately - my broadband connection had to go. The jobinterview today went pretty well though, so hopefully I’ll be back online in august at the latest. Might as well take some time to enjoy the sun and hang with friends. How did we ever manage before the internet? :stuck_out_tongue:

enjoy your last day, quick check all the forums and your mail! lol

see ya in August than :slight_smile:

better spend ur last day trying to find one of those free DSL schemes where you have to look at their “sponsers” every 5 minutes or somin

If I ever lost a job or went broke, the last thing I would get ride of would be my internet and computer. They would go after a house or car. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, apparently my job interview yesterday went well, because they called back today and wanted me to attend a meeting tonight, which probably means I will start salesman training next week. Pretty good pay, too :slight_smile: And good to have this to show when I go to the unemployment office monday (I hate those people) :smiley:

Yeah, I hate those people too. The thing about sales though is that there are loads of those jobs around. Everybody needs sales people. But they will treat you like a whore and you have to fight hard to meet targets.

If it’s good pay though and you are good at it or enjoy it then that’s great. I wish you luck. Sundialsvc4 is a salesman so he can maybe give you some advice.

Getting sales training should help you later on in life too since you will be able to sell yourself for other positions (again like a whore). The hardest part to a job interview is convincing the company you’re good enough.

I had a good interview with a company a month or so back but I never got the call after :(. I didn’t apply for a specific position so maybe they just didn’t have an opening.

I’m sure you can pop back now and again using dial-up if you don’t have your broadband by August - let us know how you are getting on.