Last Day of School - BlenderGuru Contest Entry

This will be my submission for Blender Guru’s ‘Saying Goodbye’ contest. It may be a bit early to be thinking about the last day of school but I decided to stick with this idea as it fits with the contest theme. The theme of this composition will be “saying goodbye to school and hello to summer.”

Here is my progress so far:

I am hoping to render the final image in cycles but i am using blender internal for the clay/wire render.

There will be a kid running down the hall towards the open door in the final image. There will also be a banner or poster saying “last day of school.” Let me know what you guys think of the scene so far. Any helpful critiques or ideas that you guys have would be appreciated.

Volumetrics… How?

modeling is good
cant wait to see the textured result

Add a spotlight and enable halo

i’d put some discarded books and paper on the ground.

Exactly :slight_smile:

But… it looks textured.

Here is the character that I will be using in the image.

The character will only be seen from behind in the final image so I am not going to go into detail on the face and the front of the shoes, etc. I rigged the character using the rigify addon.

Here is the final wireframe render before I start work on materials and texturing in Cycles.

Do you guys have any suggestions for how to improve the composition of the image?

i’d move the camera to the left and down near the floor and add some nice detail. on it maybe a paper+fractal…

So it is possible to do that lightening in cycles? i mean those yellow light…

The wireframe images are rendered with blender internal.
The current blender version (2.62) doesn’t support volumetrics in cycles but I believe that you can download builds from that do.

What do you mean by “paper+fractal?”

some of the locker doors were always bent out a little at the bottom from being closed with something hanging out
would all the doors really line up so perfectly?

nothing says ‘school’ quite as much as a clock in the hallway

the light from the windows falling on the endwall/ floor doesn’t really line up for me

I mean ball from paper you know… I don’t rember this word for that.

I have decided to render my final project in blender internal. Due to my inexperience in Cycles I feel that using blender internal will give me greater control over my materials and that I can successfully convey the theme of the image without requiring photo-realistic results. Once I create the finished render in blender I might create a second render in cycles but for now I will be sticking with blender internal.

What do you guys think of this as a basic color scheme for the image?

I still add textures and such but I wanted to get your guy’s feedback on what colors I should use and which ones go well together.