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Sci-fi drone in old style room. At least it is what I wanted to achieve…


Its nice but a few things i noticed are the rug, it looks way to big for the room and the where the wall and floor meet it looks unnatraul. You may think about adding in some kind of molding there. Otherwise I think its pretty nice, its got that old time feeling to it.

Where the wall and floor meet, there is molding, but it is to small really :slight_smile:

It’s a nice idea, and almost there. Something you can fix easily (at least in future renders) is a few proportion issues. The chair legs are very skinny, the base moulding (as has been mentioned) is very small, the books are thicker than the chair legs etc. I like the idea, and the proportion issues are easy to fix down the road. Proportion is the foundation upon which rests all good design (I’m a furniture designer and builder). Nice job!