Last Glass of Wine

Yesterday was my last night of summer :frowning: so to celebrate instead of having a real glass of wine (I’m not yet of legal age;)) I made a scene of one in Blender! I decided to do two renders because I liked the idea of having the scene take place at sunset but I didn’t want it to seem like the ending of something, but rather the beginning of something. In this case that something is a new school year. I was going a very ‘Classy’ theme for this render, hence the nice table and Club Masters.

This is the sunset render:

And the more happy render:

Let me know what you think!


Could go for something a little less transparent and the wine itself has a little too much blue. Needs a bit more red in it. Something seems a little off in the pouring, too. (I work with wine a lot in my daily work.) The bowl of the glass seems a little thin.

Looks like you have a great base to start from, though!

Oh, and just noticed… it almost seems as if the wine is coming “out” of the glass and/or is starting to go down into the stem? The way the wine is settling in that area doesn’t look right.