Last leaves

I did this one today, drawn staright with Wacom in PSP7.

It’s called: “Last Leaves”

Any comments or toughts?

cool [!]

nice… it conveys this weird sense of movement… the last leaves…

now i am sad…

I like it, and I like your other one too, but I am always somewhat bugged when people use computers when they should be using a traditional medium. Computers are good for some types of art, but for what you are doing, I really think you would do well to use actual chalk instead.

No need to worry Modorn, I do a lot of work with traditional tools also, oil pastels, watercolors, you name it. :smiley:
I just see digital painting as new tool to do same stuff that I do on paper also. Little bit like when people started to use animal hides instead of cave walls.

Thanks for the comments.

I am always concerned that people will lose touch with traditional mediums,…as they have to some extent already. Truth be told, I also own a ‘drawing slate’ and have used it extensively. :wink: