Last night in blenderchat...Surreal gave me an idea..

(CAVZ24) #1

A watch…

(jorx) #2

Ok… seems to lack shading though. And where are the numbers or tick marks on the readout?

(CAVZ24) #3

You doofus it’s not done DUR!

(blengine) #4

u shoulda posted “WIP” then to let people now yer werent done =))) looks good, but its missing the number and ticker marks on the watch :wink:
just yankin ya, its seriously looking good though

(valarking) #5

o…k, you need to say its wip before getting mad at people fore commenting.

(digitalSlav) #6

the reflection is off, too far into the glass away from the original object. with such a small scene you could copy the watch a fake the reflection which i think would give you better results anyway. a bigger render would also be great to really see the texture on the band… looks like rust almost. can’t wait to see it finished! :wink:

(CAVZ24) #7

OK first off I am not mad. Noticed the smiley. As for the reflections ect ect.

It was done in Truespace with ray trace turned on. I guess I could move the watch around.

But It now has hands and a face over the top

If It sounds like I’m drifting away from blender, Im sorry. I’m trying not to. But as I said…when you have ray trace capabilities…everything else is just to damn hard.

(CAVZ24) #8

The watch is suspended above the glass plane. Thats why it looks off.